TRE: Tension Trauma Release Exercises: stress-releasing exercises. It is a simple series of exercises, developed by Dr. David Berceli. A gentle method that you can easily use yourself to release daily stress (and also old stress!). Nice and simple. And by doing so, you solve issues without delving into the story. Apply TRE regularly and you will feel more and more free, not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. TRE is suitable for anyone who has a body, as long as you learn to familiarize yourself with this innate discharge mechanism in a safe way. You do not need to be flexible or sporty to be able to do TRE.

I am a certified TRE Provider and affiliated with TRE-Nederland. Tension Release Exercises are simple exercises, but it is a powerful tool and it is very important to get to know your body well and to learn how to dose and/or adjust the exercises well. That’s what you’ll learn in individual sessions or in a workshop: to apply TRE safely. Once you are already familiar with TRE, you can choose to be be guided in deepening the process at Practice Welvaren. Our ultimate goal is to revive the liveliness in every cell!

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