Study stress

With the deadline far away, life still feels great. Having faith in the successful outcome, the planning is still optimistic. Maybe you even like the idea of studying that material. But still you cannot get yourself to open a book. This denial can go on for quite a while, procrastination for all sorts of reasons.

Inevitably it gets clear that a dark cloud has gathered above your life. Study or school is giving you a hard time. You feel paralyzed, despondent, you may even have panic attacks and you sleep poorly: stress! Whatever you do, studying it is not. Even though it’s critical now.

But the old blocks, that caused you to postpone in the first place, are still there. And now they’re here in all their intensity. This is when you get stuck in all kinds of ways and your zest for life suffers greatly.


The sooner you realize that you suffer from old blocks, old patterns, the better! Then you can resolve your fear of failure, thesis-stress or procrastination. And by doing that preventing a costly study delay. Clearing blocks is an investment for life.

You may think: ‘I’m lazy’ or ‘I’m not smart enough’, or ‘just have to try harder’. Possibly. However, usually these thoughts only make things worse. Or maybe you think ‘I’ve been trying for so long now, so apparently there is no solution.’ Very understandable. But the typical thing with a block is, is that it’s a blind spot. The tendency to postpone is already there before you realize it.

A blockage is a disruption in your energy system, caused by your brain linking your situation to an old situation that they once saved as “unsafe.” That disturbance is there before you even had a rational thought. With Emotional Freedom Technique you can solve that automatic response. An EFT coach can help you unravel what is going on and at the same time neutralize that in your system.

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