Feeling down

A depression is a form of paralysis. And feeling down is a less heavy form of depression. Your body automatically freezes, paralyses, when you become overwhelmed and give up. Even though it might seem impossible, this is an instinctive physical reaction that you can clear your system of. Once you do that, you reconnect with yourself and with your environment.

It is no shame to no longer feel the connection in today’s world. But we need you! So let the frozen energy flow!


Autumn depression

A variation on feeling down: autumn depression. Suddenly you feel off. What caused that sudden change? Oh yes, the weather! The sky is grey in Delft. And from now on it’s only going to be worse. Help, winter is coming!

But you have an option to feel better in the same weather conditions. In three EFT sessions we neutralize what the beginning of autumn does to you. For example, what does cold do to you? And staying indoors, how does it make you feel? Lack of light, does it need to darken your days?

Make your mood less dependent on the (weather) conditions!

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