All the emotions you feel as a parent:

Guilt, anger, impatience, worries, insecurity, frustration, trust, feeling not good enough, shame, consequences of divorce, your own unprocessed youth, being overburdened, etc etc.

Parenting offers so many opportunities for growth. The only way out, is the way through: to face your challenges and address them. Because the challenges hardly ever disappear spontaneously. However… the motivation is two-fold: it not only concerns yourself, but also your child!

Do you recognize this? For the umpteenth time you have fallen in a trap, done something that you are not proud of, something you promised yourself that you would no longer do. And yet good intentions disappear like snow in the sun, when you get triggered by emotions.

And that’s where the EFT comes in…

In 6 consultations we investigate your most common challenges and neutralize them. Your automatic response to difficult situations is guaranteed to become calmer and more loving. Raising your children takes less energy. You can enjoy parenting more, even if your child still shows the same behavior. Chances are that your child changes with you when you change your stance.

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