‘After the dentist determined that my nerve pain was not due to a dental cause but was caused by a some of my muscles, I understood that I had to find the solution in a completely different direction. Relax! That is easier said than done. Simone taught me to actively let go with EFT. It feels good to approach myself in a focused way and then be carefully coached. ‘ Anne from D.

‘I don’t know what has been set in motion, but I think it was necessary! And strangely enough, I still no longer feel angry when I think about the event with J. and the boxes. When I think about it, it is as if it really doesn’t interest me anymore! Bizarre. As if my feeling suddenly became bulletproof on that point. In fact, I still do not believe that at all, I find it so strange. Thank you very much for this, really. This is so nice!’  M from B.

‘I have been to you a few times because I was not feeling well, partly because of my work. And so much has shifted, the patterns are now much clearer. Not that I will never make the same ‘mistakes’ again, but I remain calm and I know what to do.’ M, DH

‘In the past few months I did the ‘eating patterns’ program with Simone.
Simone has helped me very calmly and attentively to investigate and “tap” various food topics. Sometimes a lot of emotion was released and it was quite confronting at times. The result is that I have a lot more insight into where the food cravings were coming from and I have more control over difficult moments.
Thanks to Simone’s coaching, I can now take further steps towards a definitive healthy and balanced diet with a nutrition coach. ‘ ND from Delft, 42 years old

‘The purpose of EFT has really surprised me! After trying all sorts of techniques for the panic attacks that had been bothering me for a while, already after a few sessions I hardly had any panic attacks. I have also gained confidence that I now have a method within reach that I can use anytime and anywhere for different purposes. For example, I can now release tension and stress much easier and faster thanks to EFT. Simone is a very nice person and I felt really comfortable sharing my challenge with her. Simone has a pleasant and open attitude and can easily relate to others. It felt like she understood me well and that helped me a lot. Thank you so much!!’ N from Leiden

‘Before we started, I felt a kind of unbelief deep inside. How could you achieve feelings with taps on your body? But I am always open to new things, so I fully entered the first round. Uncertainty, restlessness and chaos, that’s what it was about … and those feelings were solved to a great extent. A week after our meeting I had an important appointment and I noticed that I also went there with a completely different feeling. Inexplicable, but true. The disbelief that I had at the start is completely gone. I am convinced that this technique can help many people to master certain emotions. Simone, because of your beautiful, calm and open personality, it is very pleasant to work with you. I felt really at ease and would like to thank you again for this special experience.’ Cindy from Zoetermeer, 36 years old and self-employed

‘Have I achieved my goal? Well more than that. I did not suddenly lose weight, but I do feel that I am now at my healthy lowest weight. I have a lot less ‘fighting moments’, and when I have them, they are no longer insurmountable: I know how to handle it. But in addition, I feel more acceptance of myself, I am more open to people and have really been given me key insights in multiple areas of my life. It’s a great process, the method works so well, it’s really bizarre ‘ Vera from Delft, 40 years old

‘My question: why is it I am unable to earn more money, so that we are a bit better off financially? During the session I felt a slight change. The days later I noticed that I was much less involved with it. It doesn’t pop into my head all day anymore! Delicious. The weight is lifted. It’s not completely gone yet, but I’m already glad it’s no longer affecting my mood.’ K from Delft 50 years of group teacher

‘What really surprised me about the EFT session with Simone is the efficient approach.
Simone asks you what you would like to have treated, then you get to work together. After the session you notice immediate results. Amazing how big the impact is on your behavior or how you react after the session. Something that you have been struggling with for a long time now seems to be the ‘most normal thing’ in the world. What have you been worried about all this time ???’ Woman, 50 years old

‘I came to Simone as an entrepreneur. My question was about my insecurity as to whether I can meet the expectations of my customers. After several tapping rounds the (heaviness) felt a lot lighter, I was able to just laugh about it. Simone listens well and is a calm, knowledgeable woman.’ Marga from D., freelancer

‘I felt enormously rushed in my work and came to Simone to work on it. What it turned out to be about? It was an old story in elementary school that was bothering me and now that we have knocked on it, I don’t feel anything of that rushed feeling anymore. Amazing that it can be that simple! And because we still had half (!) a session left, you suggested that I work on a certain incident from my childhood, and I am so happy we did that! Half an hour and my whole picture has shifted and that is still the case two weeks later. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ Vera from Delft, self-employed

‘I had a hard time getting thing done for my starting company. I trusted you blindly when you said you could help a lot with procrastination by doing EFT. Once I let go of my resistance it felt good. I didn’t think I’d even feel so much resistance! I have probably unconsciously sensed that a lot was going to happen. I feel that a lot has been released literally and figuratively. Very enlightening sessions. You did it in a nice and calm way. I’m surprised that all those things have been addressed.’
After a few sessions: “I feel great, like you’ve just received a new game and can’t wait to play with it” S, entrepreneur, Voorburg

‘A customer of mine was not satisfied with my service. I felt enormously frustrated because it was not my fault at all. Really had sleepless nights for a while. And of course I talked about it with friends. But that only gave a little relief. When we had done EFT for a while I felt that I had let it go completely: it was not about me at all. He had a problem himself, he was very chaotic and I had done everything to rectify it. Pfieuw, I only had to release a little bit of pride to be completely calm again. Thanks a lot, what a relief!’  Lynn from The Hague

‘My challenge was to tackle my binge eating. I became aware of the moments when these took place and why. EFT helped me feel exactly what is happening to my body at those moments. By tapping on different points of the body, I have more choices in the moment and the need for snacking is solved. I also enjoyed the conversations. Got a lot of insights and how I could apply it during EFT. Thank you Simone.’ Marije

‘After a TRE workshop of about an hour and a half at Simone, I learned an incredible amount. After just one workshop, I am now able to immediately evoke the sensations without all the prior exercises. A very special experience. I am a poor sleeper, but I have noticed that when I do TRE 3 times a week for a few minutes, I sleep a lot better. It is now only a short time ago, not even two weeks, but I already notice the difference.
Thank you Simone! ” Guusje (54)

‘In the workshop that Simone organized, I was introduced to TRE for the first time. It was a pleasant introduction for me. I find it wonderful that my body is able to rid itself of accumulated tensions in this way. Simone guided us professionally and lovingly, leaving room for everyone’s own experiences. She also clearly explained the background and what we could possibly expect after the workshop. Because of this, the fatigue that occurred to me and lasted about a day did not come as a surprise.’ Karin

‘I have experienced the TRE session as very pleasant. I was well supervised by Simone.
She starts with a general introduction which is already very clarifying. She guides you through the exercises in a pleasant way and constantly monitors your well-being.’ V-Amsterdam

‘After the session and introduction to TRE with you, I did the exercises several times on my own to release tensions via TRE. Even within this short term I already experience the effect of TRE. I sleep better and deeper and often feel calmer. What I like so much is that you indicated that you should only go up to 70% capacity with exercises (or less) and that it should, above all, continue to feel good. You should not want to achieve anything forced but let your body go its own way and you can dose it yourself. Your explanation and guidance were clear and respectful. Thank you for giving me the insight into this body-specific method, a method that everyone should know and be able to do. ‘ Wim (57 years old)

‘I have experienced my experience with TRE as very positive. Your guidance felt good and it was in a safe setting. Kind regards,’ Mony

‘I found the TRE workshop valuable. I noticed that I could indeed release tensions. And because Simone often asked me if I still felt comfortable, I became more aware of how I felt and that I let myself be guided by willpower too often and thereby force myself. In daily life I now also ask myself this question more often.
I sometimes practice at home but unfortunately not enough. ‘ Visual artist H. from Nijmegen

“That was a nice session. I feel much more alive and relaxed now than when I came to you this morning. I think that your presence and manner of speaking nicely support what you are transferring. Clear, soft and to the point. ‘ Ilse (49)

‘It is special how so many simple exercises can trigger this much. I will certainly continue to work with it at home. Very nice how Simone first shows the exercises, then supervises them and then asks everyone’s personal experience. She is a committed and attentive trainer. ‘ Corina (35)

‘That fairly simple exercises cause a lot of discharge! And the relaxed way you do it gives peace and confidence. I experience that the calm and committed way in which you do the exercises with us appeals to me. And I am surprised how much relaxation it gives. My sister had the same experience.’ Myrre Bots

‘I thought the workshop was a special experience and I was very happy with how easy I could get to discharge. At the start of the workshop you also explained what the morning would look like, that you could just go to the toilet in between, all that made it safe and familiar for me to be in the group. You first showed us the exercises yourself and were very clear in your explanation. I also appreciated your guidance, you had individual attention and care for everyone. For me, time flew by and I was able to discharge easily (and I felt familiar with it). So I had some headaches afterwards, but it went down in the course of the evening (I continued to discharge a bit too long apparently) In the evening I felt light and happy despite the headache. Thank you for your workshop, it really feels like an enrichment for me. ‘ Ria, (62 years old)

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