Does it help to tell yourself rationally not to feel a certain emotion anymore? Apparently it takes more than that. And that is not surprising, considering that your emotional brain has been labeling certain situations as ‘unsafe’ all your life. 

When such an unsafe situation is recognized by the brain, a disturbance arises immediately in your energy system, an emotion that you do not want to feel: stress.

And chronic stress is the primary cause of all kinds of physical and psychological symptoms. Stress prohibits the free flow of Chi (life energy), then your self-healing ability is impaired, which means you’re likely to be ill more often and with longer duration. Also your view on things is less clear and you can enjoy life less.

Emotional Freedom Technique

In 1995, Gary Craig developed the Emotional Freedom Technique as a simplified variant of Thought Field Therapy, which was developed by Roger Callahan about ten years earlier. By a simple combination of tapping on meridian points and focusing on an issue, a separation of the emotion and a specific memory can be achieved.

This in itself provides relief, but the healing can even be permanent if the disturbance in your energy system is resolved to the core so that you will not repeatedly attract the same experiences.

Over the years it has been shown that EFT is applicable to all forms of stress: sadness, fear, anger, hate / love, worrying, trauma, insecurity, physical complaints, stress in work, in your company, relationships, parenting. And so on!

Self-help or consultation

You can apply EFT on yourself. Try it on anything and everything! For the basic ‘recipe’ and more information you can take look at the site of Aamet. Let your energy flow and let your own wisdom give you surprising insights. EFT provides relaxation in any case. EFT has no side effects. But with a few exceptions EFT is not a good idea during pregnancy or in case of mental disorders.

If you do not get further, do not get to the core, or if you find it too big to tackle on your own, then a consultation is a good idea. Counseling can also be valuable for guidance in matters that require discipline.

You can make an appointment for a consultation here

Scientific evidence for the effects of EFT is accumulating. Great results are being achieved worldwide to reduce all kinds of stress: sadness, fear, anger, hate/ love, worrying, insecurity, physical complaints, stress in work, company, relationships, parenting. EFT is successfully applied to veterans all over the world and to orphans in Rwanda. But even for people who do not see themselves as being traumatized, EFT is an excellent opportunity to pave the way for the change you want.