EFT Session

The first session starts with an intake interview, or with the completing of a possible telephone intake interview. You’ll explain what you came for and what your expectations are. I’ll ask some questions to get the picture clear and I’ll ask you about relevant previous treatments. We’ll discuss what you can expect. Then I’ll propose a plan of approach. If we haven’t met before, that’s the moment to decide if we both think it’s a good idea to move on. If yes, I’ll then give a short explanation about the Emotional Freedom Technique. And then we’ll get started as soon as possible! So that hopefully you’ll experience at least the relief and relaxation tapping can give. In between the tapping rounds we’ll briefly discuss what’s happening and also at the end of the consultation we briefly exchange what we both have observed. If you like, we’ll make a follow-up appointment.

Follow-up consultations will begin with a brief discussion of your experience since the last time. We’ll look into whether there are new urgent issues that should be included in the plan of approach.

It is difficult to estimate how many sessions are needed. A one-off, intense event may be released in one session, but an old pattern from your childhood will take longer. 

If there are any contraindications such as pregnancy or mental disorders please consult your treating physician first.

NB: Consultations can also be given via Skype, that works really well!