Healthy eating

You’re not the only one!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you paid no more attention to food than necessary?

If you could feel clearly what and how much you needed. If you could feel what is not helping you so that you no longer desired to eat it? And that you could just enjoy it?

Many people suffer from the way they treat food. And suffer from what that does to their bodies.

Willpower does not help, at least not in the long term. Because the problem is not really about eating and burning calories, but about how you deal with yourself and life. Emotions and beliefs.

And if you face them and solve them, then your body wants to exercise and you’d only need a small piece of chocolate instead of the whole bar.

Program Eating patterns

In the Eating Patterns Program we make an inventory of everything about your eating pattern: how you deal with food, what you succumb to, when that is, what you feel if you didn’t stick to your intentions, to what you would like to dedicate your life to, etc etc.

With EFT you then neutralize your emotions and beliefs about food so that they get to determine your choices and actions less and less. After the Eating Patterns program, you will go through life lighter, so to speak. Chances are that you will literally become lighter, but whether you lose weight or not, you will feel better in your skin.

The program is a first step to unravel your old patterns and to give you the tools to continue. It is possible to expand the program to further tackle the various aspects thoroughly and in a disciplined manner.

Please note: if you are in the danger zone of a serious eating disorder such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, go to a doctor! And ask her if this EFT program can offer support. Look here for more information and tests.

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De Maatjes

At ‘the Maatjes’ (the buddies) we go on a group journey to effortless weight loss. On request, Praktijk Welvaren organizes various courses aimed at naturally craving less for (certain) food, solving the emotions surrounding obesity and creating a good balance between your fuel and your burning. Do you have a few buddies with whom you would like to do a short (2 hour) or long program (8 weeks) together? Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Do you keep on craving for certain food and can’t get a grip on the emotional side of food? Despite all your good intentions, you can’t resist the temptation? Despondent because you have been fighting against obesity for a very long time, without lasting results?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t pay more attention to food than necessary? If you could feel clearly what and how much you needed? If you feel what is not good for you and you no longer want to eat it? And that you can just enjoy it?

“In the past months I have done the Eating Patterns program at Simone. Simone has helped me very calmly and attentively to investigate and ‘tap’ various food topics. Sometimes a lot of emotion was released and at times it was quite confronting. The result is that I have much more insight into where things come from and I have more control over difficult moments. Thanks to Simone’s coaching, I can now take further steps with a nutrition coach towards a definitive healthy and balanced diet. ”

ND from Delft, 42 years (9 sessions)

“Have I achieved my goal? Well, more than that. I did not suddenly lose weight, but I do feel that I am now at my “lowest point”. I have a lot less fighting moments, and when I have them, they are no longer insurmountable: I know how to handle them. And in addition, I feel more acceptance of myself, I am more open to people and have really been given keys in multiple areas. It is a great process, the method works so well, it is really bizarre ”

Vera from Delft, 40 years (8 sessions)

“My challenge was to tackle my binge eating. I was aware of the moments when these took place and why. EFT helped me to feel exactly what happened to my body at those moments. By tapping on different points of the body, there was more room and the need for snacking was solved. I also enjoyed the conversations. Got a lot of insights and how I could apply it during EFT. Thank you Simone ”

Anonymous (4 sessions)

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