In his blog post “The why of urgent vs. important’, Seth Godin talks about what many entrepreneurs will find familiar: finding the balance between urgent and important issues.

“Of course, everyone has this challenge, but some people manage to get past it. Even you, the last time you made a major move forward.“ Seth says.

The words “Even you” were just enough offensive to get into action and just not too insulting to be be building my defenses. This suddenly gave me the focus I needed! Yes, of course I want to be one of those who take a smart approach.

Is writing about this Guru the result of that insight? Yes. Exactly. It is very important that I invest in long-term relationships with people by hopefully inspiring them. And that sloppy pencil sketch too? (no longer included in this post:) Uh, no, not necessarily. But that supports a healthy balance between work and other energy-giving things …

Oh yes, Seth also mentioned that important tasks are loaded with fears and insecurity. And that it’s imperative to overcome those fears. And low and behold, that is perfectly possible with EFT!

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