Have you ever been bullied and does it still impact your life?

That is not so strange, that awful experience can have an enormous impact on all kinds of life areas. As a therapist I see it often coming along in sessions with people who are seemingly dealing with other things.

As a bullied person, learning tricks to act in certain ways, only helps to a certain extent. When your brain recognizes a situation as ‘dangerous’, your system immediately goes into the fight-flight response, even if there is no real life danger at that moment. No matter what you say to yourself, in such cases your instinctive brain will bypass your rational thinking.

You can neutralize this automatic reaction with EFT. And often solving this turns out to be one of the ‘keys’ in solving unhealthy eating patterns or fear of public speaking, for example. Also if you are currently being bullied, EFT can help enormously. The dents in your self-image can be repaired immediately, the anger is dealt with healthily and you’ll feel less fear for future situations.

More information about bullying and its consequences can be found on the websites of De Stichting Pesten and the Stichting Aandacht Voor Pesten. These foundations have also expressed confidence in the value of Emotional Freedom Technique in resolving the consequences of bullying. EFT Praktijk Welvaren is listed on their website.

Bullying: something terrible that people do to each other. May more and more people become aware of their own emotional challenges and how to solve them, so that they do not have to take it out on others!