Stress Release

Welcome to the Praktijk Welvaren website!

At Praktijk Welvaren I help you to release all sorts of stress and blockages. To let go of old, disturbing patterns through the body, through breathing, through the nervous system. This way, patterns are changed, not only in your rational mind but in your body as well and you get to live a life that is much more relaxed. While your energy can be used much more effectively. I help you change yourself at the level of deeply rooted automatic reactions, emotions and beliefs. Setting intentions is not enough to change your life, for those automatic reactions will take you over once they’re triggered!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tension Release Exercises (TRE) and Conscious Connected Breath are the beautiful body-mind techniques that I use. EFT It is a combination of Acupressure and Focus techniques. TRE is a way to let your nervous system do its natural job to release tension: daily stress and even old trauma. CCB is healing old pain and emotions by actively breathing through them. Have you been stuck in one way or another, do you often feel panic, are you feeling down a lot? When your body releases that old tension, you can start to live a much lighter and happier life. EFT, TRE and CCB promote the free flow of life energy (Chi), your self-healing ability, your effectivity, your life enjoyment: your well-being!

Even if your life is fine as it is: reaching your full potential can be the next goal.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for more information!

EFT works for:  all kinds of fears, such as: fear of flying, fear of mice, fear of public speaking-study stressparents-independent entrepreneurs-professionals-people with eating problems-all sorts of self-sabotage-physical complaints (95% of the physical symptoms result from stress) –hospital stress.